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Enterprise-Wide (printable)


An all-inclusive study of Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada (ASMAR) to serve varying informational needs.

ASMAR (Astilleros y Maestranzas de la Armada de Chile) is a Chilean
state-owned shipbuilding company. Its main activities are to carry out the maintenance and repair of the Chilean Navy’s vessels. The company works with foreign navies and shipowners. Restructured in 1960, its roots go back to 1895 (Arsenales de Marina).

It maintains collaboration contracts with other shipyards and private manufacturers, both Chilean and foreign.

Although still primarily a shipbuilder, ASMAR has established an electronics manufacturing subsidiary, SISDEF, located at Vina del Mar.

The Head office is located in Valparaiso in Chile.

What makes this profile different:

  • Chronological amplitude of the study is wider than the “photographic” studies delivered elsewhere
  • Trend monitoring and long-term prospective
  • Study completeness (history, commercial policy, strategy, technological orientations, competitive environment) allowing broader dissemination to readers with different sensitivities towards the company’s activity
  • Large volumes of raw data processed and packaged into a user-friendly informational report
  • All-inclusive tools utilising figures, tables, and analysis presenting a strategic panorama of the company
  • Didactic presentation through illustrations and graphs
  • Contextualisation and argumentation, highlighting the impact of the company’s environment on its strategy and results